Get Coaching from the Professionals

Our Philosophy

The Nurturing Minds (TNM) believes that every child needs different ways & methods to learn differently as Minds are growing extraordinary for each child.

Knowledge is a vital element in upbringing of any living being, for some it can be used for hunting food and for some it may be used for making inventions. Thereby, along with school, children definitely need some extra effort, either to grasp subject/topic or to get ahead of the concepts to win the mastery. In both the cases, a professional guidance plays a pivotal role in not only familiarizing the related concepts but building strong command over it.

Considering above, the related support can be a Guru/Master of different pedagogies so as to provide a guided learning as per child's needs and demands. We call these professionals as “Teachers/Tutors”.

The 3 letters of same family “www” ocean is full of websites to provide you tutoring fraternity with diversified backgrounds and experiences. In today's world, major portion lacking is the core professionalism of a teacher which only comes when you are completely familiar with the curriculum as well as mindful of how to mould a growing mind. Here comes, the importance of a teacher, who can nurture a child to achieve not only excellence but transform a living being into a good human being. This is possible only, with someone from a school background, who can plan a subject and is able to define timelines for effective and efficient flow of knowledge.

In a nutshell, TNM perspires on a Philosophy of Professionalism; by this we mean that even though a teacher/tutor has a fancy degree and has achieved numerous academic milestones, but the real theory lies behind the way teacher behaves, decides on what to teach, when to modulate, how to eradicate a problem and make the concept simple to grasp.


I have been in this institute for four years till I completed my high schooling .It was a superb experience having such highly professional and cooperative teachers. This institute gave me materials that eased my studies. I am thankful to The Nurturing Mind for making me what I am today!

Thank you so much @thenurturingminds for making my concepts, basics crystal clear. Your methods of teaching were so wonderful and refreshing. Thanks for making us understand the toughest concepts easily. You always come and teach with positivity in the class, and the classes are simple and interactive that we don't even recognize when our course is completed with each concept clear and in those lectures our time is passed without any boredom. Thanks for making subject so easy to understand and remember.

My child, Rehansh suri, associated with the Nurturing Minds. He was in 4th standard when they held hand of my kid. They nurtured him like theirs and now I can see the skill set that I always wanted to see in my son. I am thankful to them to help my son to come so far.

It’s said that good influence is always worth the time so does your classes .Teacher helps to plant seeds of knowledge which grows forever. Thank you so much for teaching and motivating us! You made the subjects easy and interesting for us. The thing which is my favorite from your classes were those interactive sessions. Your dedication towards teaching and your work inspires me the most. Thanks for everything ‘The Nurturing Minds’